The National Football League Thursday night game between the Los Angeles Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs will probably be remembered for the incredible overtime victory that was earned by the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes was brilliant in the final stages of the game leading Kansas City to the overtime victory on a 34-yard pass catch and run to close out the game.

Here's that amazing catch and run from Travis Kelce that sealed the deal for KC.

The final score of the game was Kansas City 34 and Los Angeles 28. The victory was the seventh straight for the Chiefs and it also firmly cemented Kansas City atop the AFC Western Division standings with a two-game lead.

But by far the most concerning and frightening moment of the game came much earlier in the contest. It was in the first quarter when the Chargers were driving toward a score that Chargers Tight End Donald Parham Jr. was knocked unconscious on a fourth and goal pass play.

I will warn you, if you're squeamish, do not hit the play button on the video.

I agree with Warren Sharp, that was terrifying. And it was all caused by his head hitting the ground.

In an effort to connect the touchdown pass Parham extends himself in a very awkward manner. In doing so he banged his head extremely hard on the turf. Parham was taken off the field on a stretcher. During the course of the game, we were told that he was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and observation.

And as fans around the country and around the world were watching Patrick Mahomes work his magic over the Chargers, we were finally offered an update on Parham's condition.

Please note that "stable condition" means just that. His condition hasn't gotten any worse nor has it gotten any better. However, we will pray that Donald Parham's condition will improve as doctors work to provide him with the best care for a complete recovery.

This just illustrates how every play in the NFL or any football game for that matter could be a player's last play. Let's hope for the Chargers' very talented Tight End Donald Parham will be able to return to play the game.

Now, if you're looking to play a game, a game without violent collisions and a lot less medical concern, you might want to consider one of these. After all, the weather has certainly been nice enough for us to get outside and play.

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