I really enjoy the Christmas season. To me, the Christmas season is all about light, love and happiness. It's also the time of the birth of Christ.

Christmas seems to bring a tremendous amount of happy memories that can be cherished for years for most people, and I hope that you are blessed with a wonderful Christmas this year.

As I reflect on Christmases of the past, I think of all of the silly, goofy things that I have done through the years. Some of my Christmas blunders I have even repeated leading to plenty of laughter among my family members.

How many of us have spent hours wrapping gifts only to realize that there are one or ten presents that don't have a tag, maybe they have the wrong tag or maybe you got the wrong size. I have done all of these things and many more through the years.

One of the things that used to bug my family is my use of tape on the gifts. I didn't even realize at first that I was doing it, but I apparently was using so much tape that people were really getting frustrated with me for using that much tape. You'll be glad to know that I now do a much better job of taping gifts so that the wrapping paper is secure, but I am able to not frustrate my family with too much of it.

I think Christmas blunders are all a part of the experience plus you get to have fun, silly memories that you can relive each year.

Check out the things that I have done that have led to plenty of laughter, and I am sure you have done at least one of these things before. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Blunders We Have All Made

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