Two years ago a group of 13 Chrysler employees was caught on camera by Fox News drinking beer from paper bag wrapped bottles and smoking what appeared to be marijuana.  These guys were having a great time on their lunch break!  Right.  they were drinking and doing a doobie during lunch.  Might be their free time as the Union argued but whose time was it when they went back to work high?  What quality of workmanship was performed in their post lunch break state?

What really blows my mind is the fact that these men are back on the job.  Chrysler said it doesn't agree with the move but it's time to move on.  What?  Move on.  If this happened at any other place of employment these guys would be looking elsewhere for work.  It has been two years since the incident but Chrysler rationalizes the incident by saying,

“Unfortunately, the company was put in a very difficult position because of the way the story was investigated and ultimately revealed to the public. These employees from Jefferson North have been off work for more than two years. The time has come to put this situation behind us and resume our focus on building quality products that will firmly establish Chrysler Group's position in the marketplace."

Chrysler says they were put in a difficult position due to the manner in which the investigation was conducted and revealed to the public.  Give me a break!!!!!  The smokers broke the law and they along with the beer drinkers went back to work under the influence endangering their fellow co-workers and goodness knows how many drivers by assembling 2 ton killing machines under the influence.  We don't want people driving under the influence but the United Auto Workers say it's acceptable for their members to assemble vehicles that could endanger numerous lives.

I was against the first bail-out of Chrysler by President Jimmy Carter and this reinforces my belief that it should not have been bailed out by President Obama.  This also reinforces my distaste for unions in general and the United Auto Workers in particular.

What's really sad about the televised report from Fox News was the part where these union members shielded their faces as they scurried back to their vehicles.  Like the cameras couldn't get your license plate number?

Another parting observation.  I don't think any of the Chrysler employees were driving Chrysler vehicles.  That's loyalty for you.