Pretty soon, you'll be able to buy weed at your local Circle K—legally.

Popular convenience store chain Circle K is teaming up with one of the biggest power players in the cannabis production industry to sell weed in its gas stations starting in 2023.

According to Thrillest, Circle K inked a deal with Green Thumb Industries Inc. to offer "flower (cannabis buds), pre-rolls, gummies, and vapes" to a select group of their 600 stores in Florida at its RISE Express Dispensary.

Green Thumb CEO Ben Kovler called the partnership "a game-changer."

The opening of RISE Express stores at Circle K locations is a game-changer. Convenience is a strong channel in retail, and people want more access to cannabis. The new RISE Express model is a huge step forward in making it easier and more efficient for patients to purchase high-quality cannabis as part of their everyday routine when stopping by their local convenience store.

For what it's worth, recreational weed is still illegal in Florida, so this new development will only be available to licensed medical weed card holders in Florida—but that's just for now.

So what does this mean for Louisiana?

Louisiana rounds out the top 10 in terms of its number of Circle K locations with nearly 250 locations, and while recreational marijuana is not legal in Louisiana yet, it isn't far-fetched to think that we could see changes in the coming years as we are one of roughly 40 states that have already legalized marijuana for medical use.

Nearly 20 states have already legalized marijuana for recreational use with Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, North Dakota, and South Dakota on the ballot to possibly join that group later this year.

On top of that, President Joe Biden recently made headlines when his administration "announced pardons for all those convicted of simple marijuana possession federally."

Nearly half of Americans admit to having tried marijuana at least once in their lifetimes, which makes it likely that our local Circle K gas stations and other corner stores could be offering a side of weed with our favorite snacks in the coming years.

Literally, a new twist on convenience.

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