A fierce winter storm is approaching Acadiana. Record lows are expected with the possibility for snow in a couple of days. It is incumbent upon all to protect pets, plants and pipes. I don't have pets but I do have plants and pipes. I had a conversation with my potted plants to let them know just how good they have it hold up in the garage.

In the late 70s/early 80s, I remember hearing about a study conducted by researchers to figure out if plants had feelings or not. The researchers attached electrodes to a plant. They then took a pair of clippers and cut off part of a plant that was near the one with the electrodes. The electrodes actually recorded a response. They then cut part of the plant with the electrodes. Again, a reaction was recorded. But the weirdest thing ever, happened when they took the clippers and held them near the plant attached to the electrodes. The team didn't cut the plant as they'd done earlier, they just held the clippers close to the plant as though they were going to cut it. The electrodes recorded a response from the plant, leaving the researchers believing the response was a "fear" response from the plant.

We do know plants that get music played to them grow bigger. Science has confirmed that is because of the vibrations coming from the speakers.

But do plants know when humans talk to them? Who knows?

Just to have a little fun, I explained to my plants housed in the garage during the winter storm, just how lucky they are.

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