CL Bryant;

Reverend CL Bryant joined "Mornings with Ken and Bernie" today eager to discuss his thoughts on last night's presidential debate.

Reverend Bryant noted the increased tensions throughout the evening calling the debate, "feisty" and "very energized".

Though we may be only a few weeks away from election day, Reverend Bryant feels that the worst of the campaigns is yet to come.

In the next couple of weeks I think we're going to see an all out assault on Romney, and I think it's going to get pretty ugly.

There should be some type of civility in these races, and I think we're learning. America is maturing, but we're still not there.

The reverend made no bones about which candidate he was supporting in the upcoming election noting his belief in the character of Governor Romney.

He is humble to a fault, but he is a person that will not fail us. I think his word is good, and I think his business acumen is what America needs right now.

Reverend Bryant will be the guest speaker at KPELs "Bosses Night Out" on October 23.