Illegal immigration is a political issue that always seems to find its way into the news cycle. Whether it was Donald Trump in the presidency or now, Joe Biden, the issue is often discussed in dire terms.

To begin this week, U.S. Congressman Clay Higgins - Ranking Member of the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Border Security - joined Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Lead Republican on the Homeland Security Committee John Katko (R-NY), and other House Republicans to assess the issue at the border firsthand, stopping in the city of El Paso, Texas.

It's widely reported that surging children crossing at the border are overwhelming U.S. facilities and putting the Biden Administration on the defensive.


While delivering a personal message to President Biden, Higgins said the Cartels were hoping for a Biden victory in the presidential election and called on Biden to work with Republicans to restore operational control along the southwest border.

WATCH for yourself: (Higgins begins speaking at the 16:00 mark)

Here is the transcript of what Rep. Higgins said:

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being here today.

“It’s unfortunate that we, as a nation, have allowed this crisis to develop.

“It began last year when then-candidate Biden continuously messaged that he was going to weaken law enforcement missions on the border, stop construction on the wall, create a pathway to citizenship or amnesty for illegal residents that were already here.

“The Cartels were listening. Most of you know that the Cartels' infrastructure is incredibly well-developed, and they are very well-funded. So, they began getting ready, man. They were hoping for a Biden victory. On January, 20, Joe Biden was inaugurated as our President.

“I’m going to ask President Biden to please pay attention because I’m talking straight to you now, sir.

“Allow us an audience with you. You have been misled. The policies that you have signed into effect are injuring the American citizens you serve and endangering the children of God that are making this trek to our southern border under incredibly dangerous circumstances.

“Allow the voice of reason to enter the White House. You took charge of this country on January the 20th. On the very same day, you gave control of our border to the Cartels.

“You can fix this thing, working with us. If America is paying attention, and I believe they are, your phone is going to start ringing. I implore you, good sir. Let us in. We can fix this thing.

“It’s beyond a crisis at the border. It’s a threat to our Republic. And you, Mr. President, have a responsibility to listen to the citizens that we serve.

“God bless you one and all. Thank you for being here and reporting this."


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