Instead of just qualifying for the November ballot, U.S. Senate candidate Col. Rob Maness decided to drop off a letter while he was at the La. Secretary of State's office.

"It appears that there are significant inconsistencies that warrant an investigation regarding the residency status of one of the candidates who has filed for United States Senate," Maness' letter says.  "On Wednesday, August 20, 2014, U.S. Senator Mary Loretta Landrieu filed for reelection listing the address 4301 S. Prieur St., New Orleans, LA 70125 as her 'domicile address.'  However, representations by Sen. Landrieu, her campaign, and other associates - both in the press and in official state, parish and federal documents - reveal that representation to be untrue."

Col. Maness delivered the letter in person to La. Secretary of State Tom Schedler.

"The integrity of our election process is at the heart of our democratic process," the letter concludes.  "The voters of Louisiana deserve better than to be deceived into believing they are considering a candidate who claims to live in Louisiana, but in every relevant and practical way does not."

Below is the contents of an email sent out by Maness' campaign which outlines his case against Landrieu:

In Their Own Words:

On September 17, 1997, the New York Times reported that Sen. Landrieu and her family had moved to Washington D.C. "permanently;" - "On the way to work, she and her husband, Frank Snellings, a lawyer, passed the lot where they're planning to break ground this fall, a former parking area for a doctor's office. Nearby, they pointed out, are their drug store, their dry cleaner and their pediatrician's office. But for all their efforts to move here permanently, they were silent for a long moment when asked how they like Washington." - (Attachment "E")

Sen. Landrieu's husband's Washington, D.C. business website states that, "our family moved to DC in 1997 upon my wife Mary Landrieu's election to the U.S. Senate;" The website is adorned with a photo of the US Capitol and other Washington, DC landscapes -- (Attachment "F")

Sen. Landrieu's own reelection campaign refers to the building located at 4301 S. Prieur Street as, "the house she grew up in" - not her current home; when talking about the numerous campaign commercials she has filmed at this address this year -- (Attachment "M")

Over the years, Sen. Landrieu and her husband have hosted numerous parties and receptions for politicians and political organizations at their "home"; -- (Attachment "I" and Attachments "I1-I8" inclusive)

Federal Documents:

Sen. Landrieu consistently listed her Washington DC home - 405 E. Capitol Street, SE - as her home address on her reelection paperwork in 2002, 2008, and 2014; -- (Attachments "G," and "G1-G3," inclusive)

Sen. Landrieu is reported to be one of only four (4) senators who does not use an address located in the state they represent on FEC filings; -- (Attachment "H")

State & Parish Documents:

The building Sen. Landrieu is registered to vote at - 4301 S PRIEUR ST NEW ORLEANS, LA 70125 - is owned by "LANDRIEU VERNA S NINELAND PARTNERSHIP" -- (Attachment "J")

Despite implying that 4301 S. Prieur Street is her home, Sen. Landrieu lists rental income of $5,001 to $15,000 from this property and refers to it as "Nineland Partnership, New Orleans, LA (real estate, cash & notes receivable)."  In contrast, she also lists her "Washington, D.C. residence with rental unit" on the same page implying that the former is a mere investment while the latter is a "residence' that also has a rental component; -- (Attachment "K" - (Page 8))

"Nineland, L.L.C." is a limited liability company registered with the state of Louisiana which lists "Mary Landrieu-Snellings" as an "Officer" residing at "United States Senate, Washington DC 20510;" -- (Attachment "L")

Empty lots owned by Senator Landrieu and her husband Frank Snellings in St. Tammany & Ouachita Parishes list their Washington, DC home address with the respective parish assessors.

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