Illegal immigrants should not be permitted a crack at jobs before an American citizen or a person who came into the country legally, according to former U.S. Senate candidate Rob Maness, who criticized an executive amnesty plan from President Barack Obama as being harmful to the American workforce and to minorities in particular.

Maness, who joined "Nathan & Bernie in the Morning," together with state Sen. Elbert Guillory, wrote an opinion editorial that was featured in the Baton Rouge Advocate, which questioned Obama's executive order to give work permits for some illegal immigrants when there are some 93 million Americans who have given up looking for work or who have dropped out of the workforce.

"We continue to be in the worst American history," Maness said. "Every work permit provided for an illegal is a potential and probable job that's removed from an American."

Maness said "we can't afford to give one job to an illegal [immigrant] without having an American have an opportunity at that job first," especially when considering that unemployment among African Americans in Louisiana is three times the national average.

Guillory, who called into the program after Maness' interview, said Obama's immigration policies "destroy opportunities for all Americans" and that it was time for the "black community" and see what happens "when you put your eggs all in one basket."

In the last five years, Guillory said "Washington, D.C. Democrats" have given more than five million jobs to foreign workers, jobs that were taken out of the economy that were available to "poor white and poor black men and women."

"This administration has gone berserk," Guillory added. "They're berserk. They're nuts."

So what can be done to fix the immigration problem? A lot, according to Maness. The president can start by securing the border, he said, and then the House of Representatives needs to stop passing bills that provides funding for things such as housing or identification cards and driver's licenses for illegal immigrants.

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