Appearing on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today Congressman Jeff Landry said the administration continues to blame former President George Bush for the looming financial cliff but some Republicans are also to blame.  According to Landry,

We've already raised the debt ceiling by $2.1 trillion, of course not by my vote. We've gotten nothing for it.  In fact part of the fiscal cliff deals with $500 billion in cuts they want to make. I'm still trying to figure out how high the cliff is, how close we are to getting off of it?

When asked if he thought President Obama would ever stop blaming former President George Bush the nation's fiscal problem Landry replied,

He probably will never stop blaming Bush but I think it's incumbent on true conservatives to stand up and call the facts as they see them.  Fact number one is that raising taxes on the top one percent is not going to get us any closer to solving our debt problem.  You hear from Democrats about raising taxes but you don't hear them say anything about cutting spending...of course you don't hear that from some Republicans either.

Listen to the interview:

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