The IRS has been spending money on some unusual things and Congressman Charles Boustany is checking into what he has heard about.  He came on the Afternoon Drive Home to talk about how the IRS is spending money.

Congressman Boustany said that he found out the IRS has been spending around $4 million on a TV studio that they have been using to produce videos at taxpayer expense.  In one case, Boustany said,

They made a video using Star Trek characters, supposedly for morale purposes, or whatever reasons at the IRS.  You have to ask yourself, 'Why is the IRS using taxpayer dollars to make a Star Trek video'

Boustany said that he sent a letter to the IRS to ask why they were doing it and how it serves taxpayers.  Boustany said that it really bothers him because,

If you put yourself in my shoes right now, I've got the IRS constantly asking me for more resources to do their job.  Yet, their going to spend $4 million on a production studio and I don't know how many tens of thousands of dollars more to make this video.  That could actually go toward more productive uses.

The Congressman says that they also uncovered another video that the IRS did involving the old TV show "Gilligan's Island."  Boustany said he is looking into it as part of his position as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight, which is part of the House Ways and Means Committee.

Boustany said that there are questions that are being looked at to help the IRS be more responsive to the needs of taxpayers.  He said that a hearing is going to happen in a few weeks with the acting commissioner of the IRS to see what can be done.

To hear more of the conversation with Charles Boustany, including his views on taxes and what needs to be done and how to get Congress and the President on the same page, listen below:

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