Join OFFSIDES for today's discussion on topics related to COVID-19.

First, Shannon Wilkerson and I talked with listeners about a new study out of Paris that shows smokers may be less likely to catch the virus. As presented in the article from Sky News, researchers are looking to test nicotine patches on patients as it's believed that nicotine may actually protect smokers from catching the coronavirus.

Personally, the news surprised me, considering what smoking does to one's lungs.

Also, we mentioned a survey from MumPoll that suggests that the coronavirus is actually bringing families together, according to 4 in 5 parents. In China, according to this article by Bloomberg, it's believed that COVID-19 actually helped bring in more divorces. But, according to this poll of British parents presented on, families are actually making great use of their increased time together by playing board games and reading together.

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