This is the dad-fail of 2019.

As a dad myself, I've been known to get a little silly to try to make my girls laugh. I have to say, though, I've never attempted anything that I immediately regretted, which is surely what this man was feeling one second into his terrible decision.

This dad and his family were enjoying time at a monstrous playground of sorts, where he decided he'd act a little silly to make his little one laugh.

To be fair, he definitely got the laughs, but for all the wrong reasons.

He was at the very top of this structure, five stories high. He stood in front of the five layers of netting and decided he would casually belly-flop onto the first layer.

One problem... That layer of netting, and all layers underneath, were certainly not built for dads.

For that reason, he fell literally through all five layers and ended on the padded floor below.

You have to see this!


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