With the recent rash of gender reveal parties gone wrong (remember the gender reveal party that started a wildfire?), this gender reveal video is rather lame. That is until you see the father's reaction.

In the video, you can clearly see the mother and father and two little girls (the couple's children). Mom is holding a closed umbrella full of confetti.

When she raises the umbrella, colored confetti will fall out, revealing the gender of the child they are expecting.

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via Twitter
via Twitter

Watch (and listen to) the father's reaction as the mother opens the umbrella (again, we caution you: the video contains some NSFW language):


When the father realizes that they are expecting another baby girl, he turns his head in disgust and starts dropping F-bombs.

I get it: he wants a boy. Lots of dads do, so it's understandable that he is upset.

via Twitter
via Twitter

The person posting the video is asking if the father's reaction is "communicating" the right thing to his current daughters.

The internet chimed in to answer the question.

PCR responded, saying that it's good the dad isn't getting a little boy to raise.

One Twitter user who works in obstetrics thinks that the dad will keep trying until they have a boy.

Again, I get it: many men want a son to raise. Probably just as many as there are women who want a daughter, I suppose.

Twogirl puts her thoughts out there, saying that she'd cut him off:

"Babies are blessings. Period." That's the attitude I think more people need to have!

And then, out come the Neanderthals:

Jimmy Hens needs to drive that car into the 21st Century.

Let's get back to OP's question: what is the father communicating to his daughters? Some feel that his daughters will know how he feels about having just girls.

Others feel that the kids are too young to be affected by his reaction.

One comment mentions that if she'd be in the mom's shoes, dad would be sleeping in the dog house.

While the father's initial reaction is very negative (opinion, of course), some are giving him the benefit of the doubt. After all, this video is just a millisecond of the man's total life. He may be a fun, loving, caring, giving father and husband the rest of the time.

He may be a prankster and reacted this way only for the camera.

We may never know: the people who posted the original video ended up turning off the comments.

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