Shining in the spotlight of his new "reality" show 'The Governor's Wife' former Governor Edwin Edwards was asked if he would consider another run for the Governor's mansion?

Edwards said if he felt people would warm up to the idea and he thought he could win, he would likely run again.  To run again for Governor in 2015 Edwards would need a Presidential pardon however to run for the US Senate in 2016 Edwards would not need a pardon.

Edwards for Governor or Edwards for Senate...both bring up interesting questions?

Would President Obama even consider a pardon for Edwards to run for Governor?  Maybe the President would pardon Edwards to throw a monkey wrench into the Governor's race and insure a Democrat Governor for Louisiana.  The question for the President then becomes would he want an ex-con upholding the Democratic banner on the national stage instead of the current administration's likely future ex-cons?

As to Edwards running for the US Senate it makes me wonder what a panic that would cause in Senator Mary Landrieu's camp?  At present Landrieu only has to worry about a so-far disorganized effort by Louisiana Republicans.  Congressman Bill Cassidy's fundraising seems to be stalling and Rob Maness' campaign is yet to take off but what would an Edwin Edwards appearance in the race do?  Would an Edwards campaign draw enough votes away from Landrieu to elect a Republican or would Edwards actually win the seat?

After a recent discussion with Walt Bennetti on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' I was accused of having no respect for Edwards.  Matter of fact in an e-mail someone said,

Regardless of politics, I believe he deserves respect from the people of Louisiana, and especially those with a microphone in front of them.
It was a cheap shot.  You also made it sound like no moral or right-minded person would possibly want to watch that show, and you begged people to call in if they perchance had seen the show.  That was also a low dig at Governor Edwards.
It’s like beating a man when he’s down.  Please allow him to live in respect and peace for the remainder of his life.  He has found some happiness now in his wife, son, and freedom.  We ought not to continue to smear him.
I of course take exception to points made in this e-mail.  This listener said regardless of politics he deserves respect...really?  He stole money and went to jail for it while continuing to embarrass the people of Louisiana on a national platform!
Saying it's like beating a man when he's down strikes me as funny considering Edwards refuses to go away!  Most people having been convicted of a felony and serving out their sentence would be content with making a life for themselves out of the spotlight of public scrutiny...but not the 'Silver Zipper'!  As a reviewer of the 'The Governor's Wife' said the show was "creepy on all levels".  He has found happiness with his new wife and his new son and I wish him the best for the rest of his life...but do I want him embarrassing the state any further?  No, but that's just my opinion.


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