If you browse through any big-box store's website to look at the cost of diapers, you might be shocked.

Parents of young kids, and adults taking care of their parents, aren't surprised by the cost because they have to deal with these items on a daily basis, but for the rest of us, you likely don't think about it.

$31.90 is the price of forty-eight extra-large adult diapers at one of the popular big box stores. That averages out to 66 cents per adult diaper.  A 180-count box of diapers for a baby is around $40. It averages out to about twenty-six cents for each diaper. When you are trying to make ends meet, diapers will take a big bite out of your disposable income.

Photo courtesy of Love of People

This year will be the sixth-annual Julian's Diaper Drive put on by John Williams with the Lafayette group, Love of People. You might recognize his name or the group's name as they are part of the network that hosts Blue Monday to help aging musicians in our area. Love of People was started in 1993 by John's father, Paul Williams. They continue to help people throughout our area in a variety of different ways. This man believes in constant service to the community. He has a huge, loving heart. John Williams, you inspire me.

One of the many places that will get donations of diapers is the Baby and Me Boutique which is part of the Desormeaux Foundation. They offer help to pregnant women. Another organization that benefits from donations is the Thensted Center in Grand Coteau. They strive to help anyone in need in their area. Other areas that are rural also receive donations.

Photo courtesy of Love of People

John started the diaper initiative to teach his sons about the importance of giving back to their community. Since the inception of the program, Love of People, they have aimed to help underserved people in the community who need help. The cost of diapers can really wreak havoc on your budget, so this year's diaper drive begins now, and if you can donate, we hope you can drop off some diapers at our office. KPEL is located at 1749 Bertrand Drive here in Lafayette.

Williams says the program's first year began as he and his wife Kathryn were pregnant for Julian.

Photo courtesy of Love of People

Since the start of the diaper drive several years ago, Julian and his dad have collected and distributed more than 500 cases of diapers to those who need them. His other son also helps out, but he's younger. Can you help? You can drop off any type of baby/toddler diapers and adult diapers here at the studio. We are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. We are going to be collecting these items through July 24. You can also drop off items at the office of Love of People. Their office is located at 1400 Northwest Evangeline Thruway.

Photo courtesy of Love of People on Facebook