This is upsetting.

I have been holding onto these photos for quite some time, but it is time to address them.

While at Festival International this past weekend, our son wanted to "play in the fountain" downtown so we let him. There were hundreds of families with kids taking part in the fun, but it's the images on the surface of the fountain that caught my attention---again!

On the surface of the fountain are some profane images of the male anatomy. Apparently someone thought that it would be cute to get on one of the scooters, which are no longer in Lafayette, and draw these disturbing images.

Keep in mind, this was done where families frequent downtown Lafayette for entertainment. Whoever did this knew that KIDS would see this and parents would have some explaining to do.

This is sad. I'd like to think that we are better than this in Lafayette, but maybe we aren't. I did ask a few friends of mine who are in the business of painting and surface work how much this would cost to be covered up or repaired and I was stunned.

I was told that this type of damage will cost the city tens of thousands of dollars to cover up or repair the surface in Parc San Souci.  I should note here, that the tires from the scooters have cut into the surface, this isn't just "marks."

With so many events coming into beautiful downtown Lafayette let's hope that this is soon repaired. And to those responsible for damaging the surface in the park, I hope you're happy.

I bet your parents would be proud of you.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo