New Orleans is Louisiana's largest city, but what is its smallest town?

Far east of Monroe and just south of the Vicksburg Airport is Louisiana's smallest town, the village of Mound. New Orleans Fox Affiliate WVUE TV ran a story on Mound just last year. As of 2019, Mound is home to 19 people, up from 12 people back in 2000. Mound was named for an Indian burial mound cleared for the construction of a house on the site. Farming and timber were the source of income for folks in Mound, as well as a sawmill a little east of the town. The Mound General Store and other original buildings are long gone, though a former hotel still stands as a private residence.

Current Mound Mayor Marger Yerger says that most of the 19 people living in the village are relatives. Her responsibilities mainly involved lots of paperwork that the mayor doesn't get paid for since there are no municipal taxes. Yerger says she doesn't plan to be mayor after her current three - year term ends and that her daughter - in - law is interested in taking up the job.

Click here to watch WVUE's visit to 'The Tiny Town of Mound.'

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