As the sports world mourns the untimely loss of Kobe Bryant, Drew Brees is remembering him as one of the greats.

The untimely news of Kobe's passing came just as some of the top players in the NFL were taking the field for the 2020 Pro Bowl. As the game started just about every player had caught wind of the tragic news, giving Kobe tributes on camera and during their celebrations on the field.

Lisa Salters caught up with New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees who revealed that he "met Bryant once in the past" but wishes he "had the chance to be around him more."

Brees also took to social media after the game to give more details on the time he did meet Kobe, sharing a picture of the two on Instagram.

The heartfelt words from Brees are just one of the many testaments of Kobe Bryant's influence on fans and fellow professional athletes alike. His legacy will definitely live on throughout professional sports as one of the "great competitors of any generation."

Kobe's 13-year-old daughter Gianna was one of the other eight passengers that perished in the tragic helicopter crash. Bryant was 41.

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