In a time when many people in Acadiana are seeking employment it is easy to be lured in to something that seems like it is a great deal.

The Scott Police Department arrested 60-year-old Joan Breaux of Duson for taking a cut of money that was a scam.

The person sending the money thought they were sending to a possible employee for things that they would need for their new job, but it was all a scam.

The money was sent to Breaux who admits that she got a cut of the money then sent the rest to the scammer in Nigeria.

This is not the first time Breaux has done this. Police say they worked with Montgomery, Texas officials on this scam, but Breaux admitted she had done this close to a dozen times before she was finally caught.

Breaux has been charged with one count of felony theft. If you think you might have been a victim of Joan Breaux, or any other person, please contact your local law enforcement agency.




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