Today is Earth Day.  It is a day to celebrate, to learn about green technology, and learn to change behavior.  One of the big movements is the campaign to perform "A Billion Acts of Green".

The Earth Day Network has a big goal, and they want everyone to get involved.   If you are taking part in Earth Day, you are being asked to perform lots of "Acts of Green"    The Earth Day Network effort aims to get folks to do work individually for change, or with a group.  

The Earth Day Network's goal:  "The network wants to build up a billion acts before the 2012 global Earth Summit in Rio.  The Earth Day Network has a place to register acts of environmental kindness, as well as a list of ideas for those who want to take part.  This year's observance in the U.S. kicked off on April 16th with a gathering on the National Mall in Washington, DC.  Big crowds took part in child-friendly activities sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency."

Earth Day started in 1970 with a grassroots movement, and that first organized effort was a big one as it's estimated 20-million demonstrators turned out for the event.  The Earth Day history shows that there were people at colleges and communities all across the country that got involved.   

Earth Day has its origins in the efforts of the late environmental activist Gaylord Nelson.  Nelson was a U.S. Senator representing Wisconsin when the first observance of the day was held.

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