No, they aren't serving actual crow at Blue Dog Cafe. But, a skeptical "Lafayette Food Junkie" Tiffiany Decou went to Blue Dog for a brunch-tasting. This after Blue Dog switched their traditional brunch buffet for an a la carte menu.

"I had to eat a bit of crow, but it was delicious crow," says Tiffiany. "It's my new favorite brunch spot and people should give it a chance."

I was also at the brunch-tasting and I'll tell you that every bite of food I had was fantastic and full of flavor! You can taste the quality of Chef Ryan Trahan's cooking as that is what the restaurant says they are wanting to showcase with the big change.

(P.S. I highly recommend the Cast-Iron Heirloom Cornbread and the BBQ Shrimp and Grits, among the other great options!)

Also, Tiffiany and Bob's King Cake tour continues as they tasted King Cake from Graton's Eatery, which Tiffiany had a very emotional response to.

King Cake from Graton Eatery, photo from Lafayette Food Junkie

Finally, they also discussed how chefs make great first responders to catastrophic events in the form of cooking for the masses.

Paul Krato of Charley G's was the guest co-host this episode.