Everything is super-sized, mega-sized or just too big!  Fast food joints and The Travel Channel.  Ultimate this, ultimate that.  Food fight...man challenges food!  What is going on with the world?

We're offered larger portions whether or not we want them or can consume them.  Challenges everywhere and the food is winning!  Marketing makes us want it and our eyes and stomachs keep getting bigger.  This past week a woman in Las Vegas had a heart attack while eating at, what else, The Heart Attack Grill.  This is the second time this year someone was taken out of the restaurant on a stretcher.  In February a man had a heart attack while eating the Bypass Burger.

All the talk of healthy eating must not be reaching everyone.  It seems like people are eating huge quantities just to prove they can.  Why is everything becoming a challenge these days?  I hate to say it but the food is winning!

Bon appetite!!