Efforts are being stepped up to protect American citizens from Ebola and I am worried. Anytime someone says 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help you' I want to run in the opposite direction!

One patient has died in Dallas after being sent home from the hospital where he was misdiagnosed and sent home. Goodness knows how many people he came in contact with. If one more person is infected with Ebola we could see a pandemic like never before seen in modern times. Let's face it AIDS started in the same manner and then one person infected another and numbers multiplied from there. We seem to at least have stemmed the tide of AIDS but the Baton Rouge area has one of the highest infection rates in the nation.

It takes two to twenty one days for Ebola to incubate and that terrifies me. Someone leaves West Africa showing no Ebola symptoms, arrives in the USA two days later still showing no symptoms then travels to the heartland and kisses a spouse 'hello' and we have two people who can 'meet and great' goodness knows how many more people.

Why didn't we take more proactive measures before the Dallas patient died? Why are we not banning flights from West Africa? This is insane.

Ebola is a horrible way to die and I'm sorry that people in Africa are dying but surely we can send help and doctors to combat the problem there and not here. The Obama Administration is sending troops to help fight Ebola and how will three thousand soldiers help unless they are medically trained.

I think the whole area of West Africa where Ebola was found should be quarantined to the point of having troops to enforce the quarantine. Those troops should be protected with haz-mat clothing and have orders to protect the outside world with extreme prejudice, in other words 'shoot to kill'.

I know this all sounds extreme but the way this Administration has handled other problems in the last few years makes me think the worst could happen.