Louisiana's two U.S. Senators, John Kennedy and Bill Cassidy, have announced via press releases, that grant money will help out residents in areas who continually deal with flooding.

According to Senator Kennedy there are several locations in Vermilion Parish that end up flooding repeatedly and with this money, they will be able to elevate these properties so that they hopefully will not have to endure another flooding event.

Kennedy says,

"Erath and much of Acadiana suffer from floods that have plagued our state. This FEMA funding will give Vermilion Parish residents protection for their homes, and families, and I look forward to seeing these projects move forward quickly."

Senator Cassidy says,

"Louisiana families should not worry about their homes flooding every time there is a heavy rainfall. This funding helps communities continue to thrive in south Louisiana."

The total amount of the grant money for the town of Erath is $2,232,261.

In addition to Erath, New Orleans will be getting $8,438,022 in grant money that will be used to raise up thirty-one historic properties according to Senator Cassidy.

According to Senator Cassidy's press release, the decision was made by FEMA because,

"All of the structures are located in the special flood hazard area and will be raised to at least one foot above the base flood elevation."

The Federal Emergency Management Agency grant money is coming through the U.S Department of Homeland Security. According to government officials, the grant money will end up funding ninety-eight percent of the total cost of the projects.

Cassidy's information shows that the following will be what the money pays for:

  • Planning and permitting
  • Administration of the recording and relocation
  • Construction monitoring
  • Sitework
  • Soil stabilization
  • Erosion control
  • Egress
  • Utilities and mechanical work