EUNICE, La. (KPEL) -- A Eunice woman has been arrested after neighbors complained she was running back and forth and screaming in the road in front of her house.

Deputy Chief Varden Guillory with the Eunice Police Department says 51-year-old Nancy Mayfield was apparently high when they found her in the road in front of her house.

"While speaking to Mrs Mayfield officers noticed that her pupils were dilated, she was sweating, speaking really fast, and unable to keep still," Guillory says.

Officers asked Mayfield if she was using any drugs. She admitted to injecting and smoking crack cocaine. Guillory says a search of her home turned up a glass pipe, a syringe, and a metal spoon with white residue on it.

A bag of cocaine was also found in the search, but when officers asked if she had any other drugs, she said she had more crack cocaine hidden in her "vaginal cavity," Guillory says.

A female officer went inside the home where Mayfield removed two bags of the drug and placed them into an evidence bag.

Mayfield was taken to a hospital where she was treated for "consuming a large amount of cocaine," Guillory says. She was subsequently booked into the Eunice City Jail on various drug charges. She bonded out on a $6,500 bond. She also had to pay a $10,000 bond stemming from an incident the the week before.


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