We are finally living in the future!  Sure, flying cars and colonies on Mars are a few years off - but a truly amazing (and unexpected) harbinger of brighter days is already here!  Scientists at Texas A&M University have developed an amazing system that texts you a warning if your significant other is in a bad mood!

Computer scientist Dr Theodora Chaspari is still fine tuning the program with 34 couples in testing, but has already achieved an impressive 96% accuracy!  The system utilizes wearable sensors that collect, analyze, and archive data about each person's vital signs - then applies an algorithm that uses these metrics to identify when the wearer is in a "bad mood."  The program then sends a text to that person's significant other in order to warn then of the impending tense situation.  The hope is to prevent you from walking into an ambush type of situation unaware, and help you come up with a plan to diffuse and even soothe the situation.  Imagine the tactical advantage of knowing your sweetheart is angry about 20-30 minutes before you see them.  You could run a bath, put on some music, get a glass of wine, or any number of things to help that special person come down from Mount Angry.

Express reports that the tech can even be set up to contact a therapist as part of a longer term counseling plan.  No release date for this amazing technology has yet been announced

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