Lake Farm Road has been finished for years but still isn't open and people aren't happy.

KATC has a story about why Lake Farm Road in the very busy Costco shopping center (formally known as Ambassador Town Center) remains closed years after completion. While KATC is still waiting on official word from various sources, a KTDY listener has provided us with what they have heard is the reason behind the closed street. While we trust this listener enough to run the story, please understand that we can neither confirm nor deny the validity of their information. According to our source (who wishes to remain anonymous) this is the situation:

Lake Farm Road has remained closed because of ongoing lawsuits between the owners of the property (a local family), and the developers. From what I’ve heard, the issue is that the family wanted more upscale businesses than those the developers and city ultimately allowed and that the developers did not properly construct the retention pond.

Whether this is true or not, the fact is that shoppers in Lafayette are not at all pleased about the inconvenience created by the closed road. Many have found ways around the barricades but one wonders if this conflict will negatively impact businesses in the shopping center.

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