Following an emotional video plea to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook that went viral, John Berlin will have his wish to see a 'look back' video of his deceased son, Jesse, granted.

Facebook spokesperson Jonathan Thaw told New York's PIX11 that the company had tried to reach Berlin, but was unsuccessful. The outlet then furnished Thaw and co. with some phone numbers. Twenty minutes later, Thaw relayed the news that not only had they reached Berlin, but that Jesse's video "will be ready either tonight or tomorrow morning."

Berlin told the site that when he uploaded the YouTube video, called 'My Appeal to Facebook' (which you can see below) on Feb. 5 that he didn't necessarily think it would work, but figured he'd "give it a shot."

The video, which features Berlin asking Facebook and founder Mark Zuckerberg to let him see a video slideshow of his son Jesse, who died in 2012, quickly spread through social media. It amassed over 168,000 views in less than a day and showed up in countless Facebook feeds across the country.

Facebook rolled out the new feature this week as part of its 10th anniversary celebration.

Dad Pleads with Facebook to Let Him See His Dead Son's Facebook Video

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