A couple of weeks ago we got just a taste of it. You probably remember it, those magical couple of days when the TV weather guesser didn't mention heat index and everyone you knew either made or was going to be making gumbo. Of course, I am speaking of the recent dip in temperatures we experienced a couple of weeks ago. Many of you have been asking, can we do that again?

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Well, it looks as if we are going to be doing that again this weekend. In fact, a pretty strong storm system is forecast to rumble across the country and move over and through Louisiana during the day on Friday. Over the Great Plains, this storm system is kicking off severe storms, Here in the Gulf South, I believe the front's passing will be less dramatic.

What will be dramatic will be the change in temperatures that we'll experience from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. Many of us will leave work on Friday and head to a high school football game in short sleeves and t-shirts. Temperatures on Friday afternoon will be in the upper 80s and that will feel very hot as you climb into your seat at your favorite high school stadium.

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Depending on how far north and west you happen to be on Friday night will determine whether you need a rain jacket or a real jacket or both. The front will push through most sections of the state on Friday night so places like Shreveport and Monroe will get rained on and clear out faster than Lafayette and Lake Charles will.

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By Saturday morning our temperatures will fall into the lower 60s. That's about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than we are this morning. So, you'll feel the change.

By Saturday afternoon the skies around South Louisiana will have cleared and the breeze will be from the north and it will feel like fall. The high temperature on both Saturday and Sunday will only be in the middle 70s, plus we should experience a lot of sunshine on both of those days too.

By the way, looking at the longer-range forecast for the next two weeks, you better plan on keeping that gumbo pot out. Because it looks as if we are going to get cool this weekend and stay cool for the next couple of weeks.

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And if you're wondering about South Louisiana's first frost? That probably won't happen until the week of Thanksgiving in November.

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