The family of Sheila Ann Decoux, a 55-year-old woman from Lafayette, Louisiana, is pleading for the public's assistance in locating her. Decoux was last seen on May 15, leaving the Daigle House Apartments, where she resides. The Lafayette Police Department has confirmed that her daughter, Ericka Louviere Gary, filed a missing person report on June 6, 2024.

Ericka shared a heartfelt plea on Facebook, urging everyone to spread the word about her mother’s disappearance. According to her post, the last conversation she had with Sheila was on May 11th, when Sheila mentioned taking a train to Los Angeles. Sheila's landlord raised concerns about her absence, prompting the family to take action.

“She was last seen getting into an unknown car around 11:00 am with a bag and a suitcase,” Ericka wrote. “Everyone that knows my mom, knows this is not like her to not come home to her belongings, her car, or not even pay her bills.”

Sheila has not been reachable since mid-May, with her phone turned off and no contact made with her children. Despite her struggles with mental stability, her family insists she would never vanish without informing them.

The family suspects Sheila may have traveled to Los Angeles, although they are uncertain if she boarded a train. They are working with the police to verify her potential train ticket purchase. Her disappearance is particularly troubling as she missed her rent payment on June 1st, an action out of character for her.

KATC reported that Sheila, who stands 5'11" tall and weighs 160 pounds, has brown hair and eyes. She also has several medical conditions that could impact her well-being.

In addition to the missing person report, a profile for Sheila has been created on Missing Persons America, highlighting her last known whereabouts and urging anyone with information to contact the Lafayette Police Department at (337) 291-8600.

The family remains hopeful that increased awareness through social media and news outlets will lead to Sheila’s safe return. Ericka concluded her plea with a heartfelt message: “BRING MY MOM BACK HOME.”

For further updates and to support the search, you can follow the link to Sheila Decoux’s profile on Missing Persons America: Sheila Decoux

Contact Information:

Lafayette Police Department: (337) 291-8600

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