In a little bit of COVID-19 news this week, the FDA is looking to allow mixing of COVID vaccines.

Personally, I'm not doctor and know literally nothing about the medical field, so I'm not sure if I have an opinion on this. Sure, it doesn't sound like the brightest idea to me to be mixing these vaccines, but that was my immediate thought without doing any research. At first, it just seemed like a bad idea hat would get people mad about vaccines again.

However, after digging in a little bit, it looks like this is a good thing.

Dr. Lisa Morici with the Tulane School of Medicine says, “What we’re hearing is that they may allow individuals to mix and match, meaning if you got the messenger RNA vaccine you might have an option to get the Johnson & Johnson should you desire to do that.” She also says that they are seeing positive responses from mixing vaccines, including having positive impacts on producing higher antibody responses.

In regards to the possibility of mixing vaccines being potentially harmful in any way, she says, "We’re not seeing any worsening of the side effects or any unexpected events from mixing and matching the vaccines.”

Unless things change during their studies and trials, expect the FDA to give a green light to mixing and matching vaccines in the near future.

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