Glenn Fleming Acadiana Gunworks photo
Glenn Fleming Acadiana Gunworks photo

This week on 'Firearms Friday' Glenn Fleming discussed among other things:

  • Range safety and etiquette
  • Winter Olympics
  • Background checks nationwide and in New Hampshire
  • How Connecticut created hundreds of thousands of felons
  • How some veterans are being denied their Second Amendment rights

According to Fleming,

Anybody can call the range 'cold' or cease fire either way.  Basically what it means is all shooting should stop.  There's been some kind of safety infraction in the case of a 'cease fire' or in calling it 'cold' people want to go downrange check their targets or put new targets up...It's not a good time to play with gun in anyway for fashion.

At this time a KPEL NewsJunkie called in and asked Glenn what would be the best location for a holster to conceal carry.  Fleming responded by saying,

To be honest, that's an individual choice.  I mean there's 'behind the waist' or in the waist band, behind your back angled whichever way you want to angle it.  On your side, you could go with a shoulder holster, you could go with a myriad of different ways.  It kinda depends on body shape.  Where you're comfortable drawing, whether you're left or right handed.  It's really you have to experiment with to see what your comfortable with.

Another KPEL NewsJunkie asked if he could 'open carry' his .44 magnum Python at Walmart and Fleming said,

Louisiana is an 'open carry' state however, I don't know if Walmart allows 'open carry' in their stores...If you open carry you can expect to get hassles.  It's the nature of the beast. is it legal? Yes, but you can expect to get hassled.

We next asked Fleming how the state of Connecticut had created a large number of felons by instituting gun registration for so-called 'assault rifles' and he explained,

They did this a while back and the cut-off date to register your firearm was January 1st.  Over 50,000 people registered their firearms which I think is a bad idea. but regardless what I think, the total figure of guns that fall under this law in Connecticut is 350,000.  So basically Connecticut overnight turned hundreds of thousands of law-abiding citizens into criminals.  It's basically an act of civil disobedience.

To hear what Glenn had to say about other topics including the Olympics and the denial of second amendment rights for some veterans click on the blue arrow below to hear the entire show:

To see more of Glenn Fleming in action be sure to check him out on YouTube at the Gunner's Vault.

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