It's king cake season in Louisiana and there are king cakes everywhere this year. Gas stations, grocery stores, even food trucks have 'um. But there's one small relatively unknown bakery in Maurice, Louisiana that will send your Mardi Gras sweet tooth into king cake orbit.

In Acadiana alone, there are hundreds of places to get king cakes. From thin pasty type king cakes like the delicious circles of joy that come from Keller's, the fluffy filled doughnut inspired ones from Meche's to Crystal Weddings king cakes that are kinda in the middle (like if a Keller's king cake and a Meche's king cake had the baby, lol).

Not only are there hundreds of places to get king cake, but there are also hundreds of toppings and fillings as well. For instance, Thee Heavenly Donut in Henderson, Louisiana offers fillings such as bananas foster, turtle pecan, Zulu' and more with tons of toppings including one made of real Oreo cookies.

Let's face it, you would be hard-pressed to find a bad king cake in Acadiana. However, a small hometown bakery in Maurice, owned by a former French teacher, is rocking the world of king cakes.

In 2020, Kalyn Akers and her husband Kory, built a small bakery on their property in Maurice. She stopped teaching to pursue her love of bread making. She taught herself to make "an array of breads including baguettes, brioche and sourdough". She made her first king cake back in 2017. That year she sold 75 king cakes. The success of Kalyn's king cakes that year, inspired the opening of the home bakery in 2020.


Today, Sunny Akers Bread is known for its sourdough bread, artisan bread, pastries, sweet treats...and king cakes!

Imagine if french bread, a pastry and a flaky biscuit were placed in an oven together but separately.  You close the oven door. And while you're away, they magically merge into one. That doesn't even come close to describing a delicious Sunny Akers Bread King Cake, but it's the best I can do.

Sunny Akers Bread King Cakes are made with homemade brioche dough. All fillings are baked into the cake. Cakes are topped with cream cheese frosting. They are to die for.

Flavors include cinnamon sugar, Nutella, pecan praline and fig. They are available in regular or small but get the regular. As a matter of fact, get two...they are that good.

Sunny Akers Bread King Cake Menu

Sunny Akers Bread is the dream of a school teacher who left one passion for another. The quality of their products is beyond excellence.

Sunny Akers Bread is open Tuesday through Saturday at 10502 West Etienne Road in Maurice, LA 70555. Order online at You can also find Sunny Akers Bread on weekends at the Farmer's Market in Lafayette.

Note: Sunny Akers Bread is currently in Mardi Gras season from January 6th - February 21! Due to the large number of king cake orders, their regular breads (croissants, sourdough) are on hold until after the season ends

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