Former Saint's Pro-Bowl offensive lineman, Max Unger, has been making the most of his time in retirement by shedding the extra weight needed to be a dominant center in the NFL.

The Saints put out the information from their Twitter account today @Saints

Good for Max Unger! He is probably walking around right now feeling incredible after succesful years of keeping his weight up to go against NFL defenses.

From my experience in the football world, centers are often times not only the smartest guy on the offensive line, but sometimes the smartest guy on the team too. The center for my high school football team was also the valedictorian of his class, but like Unger, was not the biggest guy on the O-line.

The Center on an offensive line is integral to the success of an offense. Brains are a huge part of being a Center, which is why often times they can be smaller guys who need to bulk up for the role.

The case of Unger's 60 pound weight loss in just over a year leads me to believe he was one of those smaller guys who needed to add on extra weight in order to be able to succeed against the monsters that make up NFL defenses. Whatever the case may be, Unger has spent his retirement so far slimming down as he no longer needs to be able to move massive of men around the Superdome while protecting Drew Brees and co.

Congratulations to Unger on his weight loss and also on his fantastic professional football career. Enjoy your retirement!

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