Today on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' Fox News Correspondent Jared Halpern reported that preparations for tonight's Presidential debate are just about complete.

The debate in Denver tonight will be moderated by PSB's Jim Leher with a slightly different format than previous debates.  Halpern said,

The debate will be broken up into six 15 minute sessions.  Each session will have a specific focus with the first three actually being devoted entirely to the economy.  The idea being fewer questions and more time for Mitt Romney and President Obama to interact.

According to Halpern this is the first time Governor Romney and President Obama will face each other 'face to face' so it will bring an interesting dynamic to the event.

Security for the debate has already locked down the venue with entry granted to credentialed individuals only.  A city block away, Interstate 25 will be completely shutdown later today.

Listen to the interview: