I was going to title this piece " It's Extra Trash Week" but that sounded like a beauty pageant in Alabama and I didn't want confuse anybody. However, it is the week when your rubbish, refuse, and waste is not restricted to your big blue rolling "smart cart" garbage can.

Here is all that the trash people who are contracted by Lafayette Consolidate Government want you to know.  They encourage you to put as much of your holiday trash in your rolling cart. For excess garbage it needs to be put in bags and placed three to four feet away from the blue can.  Remember the automated arms that lift the cans to the truck still need some wiggle room to get around the can itself.

If you have large boxes you may set them beside the cart, again with the three to four feet buffer. Do not  put extra garbage or trash in these boxes. Please leave only the original packing materials that came in the box and sanitation personnel will pick those up for you.  The reason you're requested to not put extra trash in the box is so the workers can lift the boxes into the truck.

Your trash pickup will be on your regular trash day. The exception will be Friday New Year's Day. Trash collection for that day will take place on Saturday January 2nd.

For natural Christmas Trees it is requested that you clean all of the ornaments and decorations off the tree. It is requested that you remove the tree from the stand. The tree may be placed at your curb where you would normally leave yard waste. Trees will be picked up on your regular day for yard waste pick up.

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