As much as I like Christmas, there is an aspect of the season that brings me great anxiety: choosing the right gift(s).

Did you notice I didn't say "perfect" gift(s)? I don't think that anyone can know if they are giving the perfect gift until the recipient opens it and proclaims, "This is perfect!".

I know that I am not supposed to think this, but I do: when I am trying to pick a gift, I often think that it's not good enough for the person who is to receive the gift. This is where my anxiety builds. I frequently second-guess (and third, and fourth-guess) myself. I am more practical than sentimental when it comes to gift-giving; I try to get something that the recipient can use. This is probably because I love doing things, so I love receiving gifts I can use and assume that others love the same. I am learning (way too late in life) that this isn't always the case.

I digress. The best gift is one that comes from the heart, but I can't help trying to be practical about it, too.

I have been very fortunate in life to have a girlfriend who not only knows me very well, she is attentive year-round (another area in which I need improvement!) and often picks up on little hints that I am not even aware I am giving. She makes mental notes (yet, another area for me to brush up on) and BOOM: come Christmas, there it is under the tree. I tell you, she is good!

Over the years she has gifted me some neat gadgets that I just love, and I've included some of them in this post, all in efforts of helping you choose a gift for someone. I know, just because I like it doesn't mean others will, but I thought I'd share because if I can help ease 1 person's anxiety, I'll feel better about myself. And we ALL know that it's all about me, right?

Anyhoot, allow me to list the 10 gadgets I've received over the years that I love.

NOTE: I am not recommending or endorsing any of these products, I merely searched for items similar to the ones I own and used the first I found as examples.

10 Gadgets I Love


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