Gov. John Bel Edwards has tallied nine months in office.

With three legislative sessions this year (two of them geared toward filling massive budget gaps); police shootings in Baton Rouge; and two different severe flooding crises in Louisiana, it seems to have been a trying 276 days for Louisiana's top executive.

The governor spoke to KPEL's Rob Kirkpatrick and Bernadette Lee on Acadiana's Morning News Wednesday to share some updates on some of the major topics that are circling the state capitol.

Regarding lawsuits against the state's oil and gas industry, Edwards said he wants the state to pursue the litigation to mitigate coastal erosion. He said Congress will be tapped for monies to fund coastal and wetland restoration, but by  not pursuing the litigation, U.S. lawmakers may not think Louisiana is pulling its share of the weight.

Edwards, and LDAF Commissioner Dr. Mike Strain, recently returned from a trip to Cuba to solidify trade talks between Louisiana and the Caribbean nation. The governor said though a trade embargo is still in effect, Cuba and Louisiana have logistical appeal to open up trade among our agricultural industries and Cuba's, dwindling manufacturing sector.

\The deadlines to apply for FEMA disaster aid and the governor's Shelter At Home Program.  Louisiana governments and certain private nonprofits affected by August’s severe storms and floods must submit their Request for Public Assistance by Saturday, Oct. 15, for FEMA to consider them for Public Assistance.  The Louisiana Network tallied homes that were repaired through the Shelter At Home Program to reach 2,000.

To hear the governor's complete interview click the photo above.

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