A new statewide poll shows Governor Bobby Jindal's approval rating has slipped ten percentage points this year.

Pollster Bernie Pinsonat says while 51 percent of 600 randomly selected Louisiana voters approve of Jindal's job performance, that's down from 61 percent from a similar survey done in the spring. Pinsonat says Jindal is losing support of white Democrats. Pinsonat says, "you look at the people who are opposed to a governor traveling outside of Louisiana in national politics its Democrats in general but even white Democrats are opposed to it."

The survey was funded by Baton Rouge businessman Lane Grigsby. Pinsonat says his Southern Media and Opinion Research poll also shows that 89 percent of those aware of budget cuts to the charity hospital system are concerned about them:

Remember, charity is a sacred institution in this state. Everybody thinks it needs reforming and everybody...realizes we don't have as much money as we used to but that doesn't mean the people of Louisiana want to see it gutted and we don't have any health care available for poor people.

Pinsonat says the survey shows 68 percent of the respondents do not want additional cuts to the budget. He says 86-percent also said high salaries of for state executives and political appointees are not justified:

Governor Jindal recently hired someone for $250,000. We've got some secretaries making $350,000-plus. That just doesn't add up with voters.

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