A new national poll by Morning Consult finds Governor John Bel Edwards has a 58% approval rating.

Southern Media and Opinion research had Edwards at 54% in May, and pollster Bernie Pinsonat says being in the mid to upper 50s is good for any governor, especially a Democrat in Louisiana.

“It’s still a good number for John Bel Edwards, I think people appreciate that he’s doing his best under the trying circumstances with the budget problem.”

Pinsonat says Edwards was in the 60-percentage range in the fall of last year, and depending on the future of the economy here, that could end up happening for the governor again.

“That’s a big if and that would be great for him if the economy would improve, we’d get some more jobs and we’d get some more money then he could possibly move up into the 60s.”

Pinsonat says even though Edwards saw a drop in his approval ratings in the spring, it appears that’s leveling off.

“I think the public thinks that he’s doing a good job on the finances, we have a stable budget position right now.”

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