Governor Jindal, along with the rest of the legislation, have been busy during this current session. So far, a total of 34 bills have been signed into law by the governor and more are expected to follow.

Each of these contain the sector of legislation that the bill originated, the author of the bill and a quick summary:


HB 109 by Rep. Champagne relates to the production and marketing of livestock.

HB 110 by Rep. Champagne changes the name in statute of "bang's disease" to "brucellosis disease".

HB 113 by Rep. Schexnayder relates to fireworks retailers.

HB 119 by Rep. Lopinto relates to the assessment and collection of certain parole and probation fees.

HB 152 by Rep. Anders relates to cotton merchant licenses.

HB 153 by Rep. Anders allows for the creation of a Louisiana Organic Certification Cost-Share Rebate Program.

HB 171 by Rep. Anders relates to the regulation of fertilizers.

HB 176 by Rep. Anders relates to commercial feeds.

HB 177 by Rep. Anders relates to agricultural liming materials.

HB 205 by Rep. Berthelot authorizes the use of prestige license plates on certain trucks.

HB 350 by Rep. Arnold rights of reimbursement in eviction cases.

HB 405 by Rep. Danahay provides for affidavits of distinction relative to judgments and judgment debtors.

HB 539 by Rep. Pat Smith clarifies that the Governor annually appoints the chairman of the Louisiana Workforce Investment Council.

HB 814 by Rep. Hill creates the "Protect Our Forests" license plate and requires a minimum of one thousand applicants for such plates.

HB 882 by Rep. Howard designates a portion of Hwy. 463 from its intersection with Hwy. 10 north to the entrance of Pitkin High School as the "B.R. Harvey Memorial Highway."



SB 109 by Sen. Morrell relates to fees set by the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

SB 110 by Sen. Morrell relates to sanctions created by the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

SB 117 by Sen. Morrell prohibits the acceptance of nutritional assistance benefits as payment for alcohol and tobacco products.

SB 120 by Sen. Mills relates to qualified appraisals of immovable property acquired by a bank from a failed or failing bank.

SB 164 by Sen. Martiny relates to loans by state banks.

SB 318 by Sen. Martiny adds to the engineering licensing statutes and defines qualifications for a professional naval architect or marine engineer.

SB 334 by Sen. Claitor relates to the membership of the Board of Commerce and Industry.

SB 366 by Sen. Morrell relates to alcoholic beverage permit applications.

SB 449 by Sen. Martiny relates to privileged bank accounts.

SB 638 by Sen. Martiny relates to the registration of dealers, salesmen, investment advisers, and investment adviser representatives

SB 640 by Sen. Alario relates to the attendance for a session or meeting of the Revenue Estimating Conference.