In this Friday's weekly conversation with Personal Chef Jon Soileau, he talks with Scott Brazda about grilling inside your house (especially on rainy days) and using that time to bond with loved ones.

It's probably the most memorable time for me as a kid who was just working in the kitchen with my's a great time to build memories, to get kids comfortable with being in the kitchen.

Tips for getting your children involved in your inside grilling:

  • Have them peel and rinse vegetables, mix up eggs, measure milk, or other small tasks that they feel like they can accomplish. Jon says this helps take the intimidation of the kitchen out of it for them.
  • Make simple meals with them such as soups from scratch and salads. Jon says this helps get them eating vegetables and fruits at a young age.
  • Look up recipes online with your children and get them engaged with what you are making.

Jon says the two biggest mistakes that people make when grilling are:

  • Not letting the grill get hot enough before putting your proteins on.
  • Not seasoning your proteins before putting them on the grill. Jon says get the flavors in before you begin grilling.

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