Yukari Mihamae Allegedly Groped A TSA Agent

A Colorado woman was arrested for allegedly grabbing the breast of a TSA agent. Todd Starnes of Fox Newsradio tells Bernadette Lee and Ken Romero of "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" that 61-year-old Yukari Mihamae was arrested last week for "squeezing and twisting" the breast of an agent.

Mihamae did not want to go through the screening from TSA, argued with officers, and then started touching and grabbing the female agent. It's a case that has gained national attention according to Starnes, and the woman is getting fans on Facebook.

Starnes says Mihamae is facing federal sexual assault charges for groping the TSA agent, but Starnes says the "Acquit Yukari Mihamae" Facebook page had more than 2,000 people joining up as of this morning.