Everyone has a reason to be extremely upset when they have their things stolen from them.

In what appears to be cameras within a store, a man comes inside the store and up to the customer at the counter. He starts accusing him of stealing his bike.

The man says that he built the custom bike himself, so he knows that it's his, with serial numbers and all. He's visibly upset, and rightfully so because he had his property taken from him without consent.

The store customer says that he bought the bike for $10. He says that he bought it so that he could get to and from work.

That's when the man slams on the brakes. He goes on to tell the customer that if he would exchange numbers with him, he'd be more than happy to allow the guy to borrow the bike until they can get him a new one.

He goes a step further just a few seconds later, and adds that when his bike was stolen, he started building another one. When that one is finished, he says the customer can have the current bike.

A pretty awesome turnaround from cursing and accusing, to a human helping another human.

The video is NSFW due to language. As I mentioned before, the dude is coming in HOT when he's accusing the customer of stealing his bike.

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