Courtesy: NWS/ Lake Charles Facebook
Courtesy: NWS/ Lake Charles Facebook

The National Weather Service has issued a Hard Freeze Warning for ALL of the state of Louisiana in the very early hours of Monday morning from 2am until 10am. In addition, a wind advisory is in effect until 6am Monday.

Following the rain Sunday afternoon, temperatures will start to fall to the mid 20s and remain below the freezing point until mid-morning on Monday.

The temperatures will, of course, be hazardous to the "four Ps:" people, pets, plants, and pipes.

When heating your home with space heaters, remember to keep them at least three feet from anything that can burn. Turn them off when you leave the house or when you go to bed. Do not heat your home using the oven or stove, as this is a potential fire and/or carbon monoxide hazard.

If you have a pet that typically stays outdoors, make sure it has a warm place to take cover away from the wind and the cold. Also, make sure it has enough water to drink.

Temperatures in the mid 20s can cause issues with exposed pipes. Make sure to wrap or drain them. Do not leave them running as this can cause a drop in the system's water pressure, which in turn can create a dangerous situation should fire departments be called out to respond to a fire.

According to the StormTeam 3 forecast, temperatures Monday should reach the upper 30s. However, Monday night, they will dip back down to around 20 degrees and then we could see freezing temps again on Tuesday night.

Stay safe and warm!

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