Incumbent U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, who is in danger of losing the senate seat to U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy on December 6th, voted against the majority of Democrats, who voted Harry Reid as their Minority Leader in January.

“We all share in success, we all share in the failures; we’re a team," said Landrieu in a Politico article in April while answering "absolutely" to the question of whether she would back Reid as leader again, no matter have the primary elections turned out. "But Harry Reid has tremendous respect of members of our caucus. … I don’t believe that he would be challenged in our party for leadership until he’s ready to step aside.”

Ben Voelkel, RNC Victory Communications Director -- Louisiana, says this is just "furious backtrackting to save her goner Senate campaign." This vote comes as Senate Democrats will finally give an up or down vote on the Keystone pipeline - after six years of discussion - seemingly to give Landrieu the opportunity to put her name behind the project to appease voters in Louisiana.

“Mary Landrieu is running scared from her past, and it’s easy to see why: Her lockstep support for President Obama’s agenda and those working against energy jobs is shameful and unbecoming of someone representing Louisiana," says Voelkel. "Voters will judge Mary Landrieu on her 17 years as a Washington, D.C. insider, not her last minute theatrics once her job was on the line.”

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