A helicopter will be used to help map aquafers along the Vermilion River, Mermentau River, and Bayou Teche, among others.

According to NOLA.com, a helicopter will fly along several bodies of water in Louisiana and other states to help map aquifers, which are underground pools from which water can be drawn.

Some of the bodies of water in Acadiana include Bayous Teche and Lacassine, and the Sabine, Calcasieu, Vermilion, and Mermentau Rivers.

Townsquare Media/Vermilion River (Photo by Julie Hebert)
Townsquare Media/Vermilion River (Photo by Julie Hebert)

The helicopter will be towing a 30-foot long cylindrical tube that contains, according to the story, electromagnetic devices that will map out underground areas containing water. Once the map(s) are completed, scientists will use that information to help farmers and municipalities develop water extraction plans.

The United States Geological Survey says that mapping the aquifer is necessary to help alleviate the declining groundwater problem being faced in many areas in this country.

The story says that the process will take place in 7 states in what is called the Mississippi Alluvial Plain, which stretches from Missouri to Louisiana, along the Mississippi River.

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