What do you do if you are pulled over by a police officer and you have a firearm in your vehicle?

Chris Ortego from Acadiana Gunworks in Scott suggested honest as always being the best policy. It is not against the law to carry a firearm in your personal vehicle, Ortego said, but being upfront with the officer allows him or her to control the situation.

"At that point it's going to be his discretion," Ortego said. "Some officers would rather control the weapon...and they'll take it from you temporarily."

If you have a concealed carry permit, Ortego said to let the officer know that, even if you don't have your firearm with you. When the officer goes to run your license plate and driver's license, the computer system should flag you as a concealed carry permit holder, Ortego said, which could lead the officer to ask you why you didn't inform him why you were carrying a firearm.

Honesty is always the best option, Ortego said.

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