Could Louisiana's Legislature be called into a historic veto override session? We should find out the official answer later today. That's because legislators' ballots concerning the override session are due back in Baton Rouge today. Just so you understand, the veto override session is already on the books. But lawmakers can vote to cancel the override session. Those are the ballots that are due today.

Jeremy Alford of watches the Louisiana Legislature very closely. And according to Alford, who spoke to the Louisiana Radio Network it does appear that an override session is going to happen. If so, it would be the first time in the modern era that the Louisiana Legislature has been called into such a session. via YouTube

There are a couple of major issues that are really the driving force behind this historic session of our legislature. The first is "constitutional carry". That legislation would allow gun owners in the state who are 21 or older to carry a concealed weapon without a special permit to do so.


The other issue that generated a lot of veto override talk was the legislation that was vetoed by Governor Edwards that would bar transgender athletes from participating in K-12 and college women's and girls' sports.

In case you were wondering, Governor Edwards actually vetoed 28 pieces of legislation but the two we've just mentioned are the ones that most people in the state seemed to vocalize the most comments about.

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Based on observations and information Jeremy Alford of believes there is only clear support for one veto override. And that is the veto having to do with constitutional carry.

Assuming the trend continues and our state's lawmakers opt to not cancel the veto override session it would begin on July the 20th and last for four days. During the session lawmakers would revisit each of the vetoed pieces of legislation and then vote.

In order to override a gubernatorial veto, both houses must pass the override with a two-thirds majority.

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